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Key to Nearctic Trissolcus Ashmead  --  VISIT
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Updated: Thu 03/26/2015 @ 08:26

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Identification key to the Nearctic species of Trissolcus and two potential biocontrol agents, T. cultratus and T. japonicus
Author(s): Elijah Talamas, Norman Johnson, Matt Buffington

Diatom Identification Key for South African Rivers V2.0  --  VISIT
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Updated: Tue 12/02/2014 @ 09:47

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A key to the common and some endemic species of diatoms occurring in South African rivers. Use of the key may be constrained by the absence of endemic species from the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal provinces. 

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DH Environmental Consulting
PO Box 5429
Helderberg 7135

Author(s): Harding, WR & Taylor, JC.

Plant Families of southern Africa  --  VISIT
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Updated: Tue 10/07/2014 @ 04:46

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Southern Africa has a total of 225 plant families with the 52 largest families covering over 90% of the flora. A book entitled ‘Plant Families of southern Africa’ was published in 2013 to review the 52 largest families. This book aims to introduce readers to the beauty and diversity of our fascinating flora, and to enable scholars, students, amateurs and professionals alike to identify plants to family level. This key is an adaptation of the contents of the book into an interactive tool.

Key characters for identification of each family are illustrated by photographs and each family is further illustrated by photographs of representative members of that family. Although the key focuses on southern African members of the families, it will also be useful in other parts of Africa and the world.

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Option 2. Run the key via the Lucid Key Server edition, no Java required.
Author(s): KOEKEMOER, M., STEYN, H.M. & BESTER, S.P.

Plants and Fungi of south western New South Wales  --  VISIT
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Updated: Thu 09/04/2014 @ 02:57

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Plants and Fungi of south western New South Wales

This key is designed for anyone who has an interest in finding out about the plants of south western New South Wales. It includes about 1100 species, accompanied by over 3000 images.
The key uses a limited number of easily seen characters using a minimum of technical terms to help with identification of plants. It is not designed to key out to a single species, though sometimes it does. It is designed to narrow down the possibilities of what the plant might be to a limited number of species. The photos may then help you decide what your plant is.

In most cases, the use of a hand lens is not necessary for identification. Identification needing the use of even a low power microscope, or a detailed knowledge of technical terms is beyond the scope of the key.
The character "ligules" (for grasses) is the only character in the key that requires a hand lens. A hand lens will also be helpful for other characters e.g. "spikelet length" for grasses with small seeds.

Visit the key home page -

More about the key

Author(s): Betty Wood

Key to Theridiidae Spiders of Biosecurity Importance to New Zealand  --  VISIT
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Updated: Thu 08/14/2014 @ 11:01

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Key to Theridiidae Spiders of Biosecurity Importance to New Zealand

Includes introduced and native species commonly associated with the human environment, species that have already been intercepted by Quarantine Inspectors at the border, widely distributed species and species found overseas that are a likely biosecurity threat. We have tried to avoid specialist morphological terms in order to make the key accessible to many users.

The key also features:
    a) how to use, where there is guidance on which morphological features are important and how to interpret them;
    b) spider morphology, which illustrates the main body parts typical of the family as well as those used as diagnostic characters in the key;
    c) species check list, which highlights diagnostic features; 
    d) references, which were used in the construction of the key and that contain further information (includes web page links);
    e) acknowledgements, where we express our gratitude to folks whose help was invaluable in the construction of the key.

Visit the Key to Theridiidae Spiders of Biosecurity Importance to New Zealand
Author(s): Marinov, M., Vink, C., Jones, D., & Kumarasinghe

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