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NudiKey v1.0  --  VISIT
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Updated: Thu 11/24/2016 @ 04:06

An illustrated, interactive key to the Australian heterobranch sea slug families

The Australia heterobranch sea slugs not only have popular appeal among the public but they also hold scientific importance. NudiKey provides a simple, interactive tool to assist with their identification and an opportunity for users to become familiar with the external diagnostic characteristics found in this highly speciose group of gastropod molluscs. NudiKey summarises the essential characteristics of the epibenthic families and, using high quality photographs of living animals, comprises a comprehensively illustrated, user-friendly, interactive key.


Southern Cross University
National Marine Science Centre


identification of the Whitefly Genera (Hemiptera-Sternorrhyncha-Aleyrodidae)  --  VISIT
 Views: 896

Updated: Mon 11/21/2016 @ 10:42

This LUCID Key updates the identification of the Whitefly Genera (Hemiptera-Sternorrhyncha-Aleyrodidae)in the 4th (pupal stage) comprising two subfamilies, the Aleurodicinae and the Aleyrodinae. It acts as a compendium to include the most recent data regarding the distribution, host, natural enemies, morphology & taxonomy putting them in the most current generic classification

Published by:  USDA/APHIS

Cost: Free

Author(s): John W. Dooley

Australian Freshwater Molluscs  --  VISIT
 Views: 20

Updated: Wed 11/16/2016 @ 12:44

Australian Freshwater Molluscs is an interactive resource aimed at facilitating the identification and information retrieval of the entire freshwater mollusc fauna.

Author(s): W.F. Ponder, A. Hallan, M. Shea and S.A. Clark

Neotropical Triplophyllum species  --  VISIT
 Views: 67

Updated: Wed 09/07/2016 @ 09:42

Key to identify Neotropical Triplophyllum species based in:

Prado, J. and Moran, R. C. 2008. Revision of the neotropical species of Triplophyllum (Tectariaceae). Brittonia 60:103-130.

More about the key and link to glossary:

Lucid Key Server Edition click here to play

System requirements: Modern Web browser with JavaScript enabled.

Funded by: Academy of Finland
Author(s): Gabriela Zuquim, Hanna Tuomisto, Jefferson Prado

Key to Amazonian ferns  --  VISIT
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Updated: Mon 08/29/2016 @ 06:18

Key to identify lowland Amazonian species with descriptions

More about the key and link to glossary:

Pictures were provided by the authors and G. Moulatlet, M. Sundue, R. Moran, K. Kaunisto and D. Sasaki.

Funded by: Academy of Finland

Lucid Key Server Edition click here to play

System requirements: Modern Web browser with JavaScript enabled.
Author(s): Gabriela Zuquim, Hanna Tuomisto, Jefferson Prado, Glenda Cárdenas and Samuli Lehtonen

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