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Neotropical Triplophyllum species  --  VISIT
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Updated: Wed 09/07/2016 @ 09:42

Key to identify Neotropical Triplophyllum species based in:

Prado, J. and Moran, R. C. 2008. Revision of the neotropical species of Triplophyllum (Tectariaceae). Brittonia 60:103-130.

More about the key and link to glossary:

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System requirements: Modern Web browser with JavaScript enabled.

Funded by: Academy of Finland
Author(s): Gabriela Zuquim, Hanna Tuomisto, Jefferson Prado

Key to Amazonian ferns  --  VISIT
 Views: 61

Updated: Mon 08/29/2016 @ 06:18

Key to identify lowland Amazonian species with descriptions

More about the key and link to glossary:

Pictures were provided by the authors and G. Moulatlet, M. Sundue, R. Moran, K. Kaunisto and D. Sasaki.

Funded by: Academy of Finland

Lucid Key Server Edition click here to play

System requirements: Modern Web browser with JavaScript enabled.
Author(s): Gabriela Zuquim, Hanna Tuomisto, Jefferson Prado, Glenda Cárdenas and Samuli Lehtonen

Key to Tachinidae in New Zealand  --  VISIT
 Views: 182

Updated: Mon 07/25/2016 @ 11:37

This key was created using Phoenix v1, which works as a dichotomous key. The key is designed only for use in New Zealand. This is the first graphic key to Tachinidae genera in New Zealand, so any feedback would be appreciated. Images were taken by F-R Schnitzler at Landcare Research with NIS Elements, Helicon Focus and Combine ZP.

Schnitzler F-R 2016. Key to Tachinidae of New Zealand.
Author(s): Rudi Schnitzler

Larval Fish and Egg Key (Freshwater)  --  VISIT
 Views: 152

Updated: Mon 04/18/2016 @ 09:43

This project was initiated to develop a web-based taxonomic key for the Great Lakes Basin to identify larval fish and eggs in order to assist the power industry to comply with new 316(b) regulatory requirements for the characterization and quantification of entrained fish species. The web-based key is structured around existing print keys developed by Nancy Auer (Michigan Tech), with updates from Howard Kowalyk (SENES) review support from Paul Patrick (SENES) and others.

This Electric Power Research Institute funded project is initially developed as an updated regional resource to support compliance efforts, however it is openly accessible to anyone who interested in larval and egg species identification. Identification of freshwater fish based on characteristics of egg, yolk sac larvae, and/or larvae. References used to build this key include: 1) "Identification of Larval Fishes of the Great Lakes with Emphasis on the Lake Michigan Drainage," N. Auer editor, with forward prepared by Carlos Fetterolf, Jr., Executive Secretary, Great Lakes Fishery Commission, 1982; and 2) "Fish Life Histories", H. Kowalyk, with emphasis on egg stage.

Author(s): Dr. Nancy Auer & LimnoTech (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Key to Lamiaceae of Western Australia  --  VISIT
 Views: 285

Updated: Mon 03/21/2016 @ 04:32

This key allows identification of all species of the mint family (Lamiaceae) in Western Australia.


We are grateful to many friends and colleagues working at the WA Herbarium for supplying diverse data, images, maps, ideas, and taxonomic and computing expertise that have made the development of this data set possible. In particular we wish to thank Rob Davis for photos and taxonomic help, Mike Hislop, Steve Dillon, and Margaret Langley for their help with taxonomic queries. We note that the photographic species images available here come from the WA Herbarium’s online plant information system, FloraBase, and represent the work of a team of dedicated volunteers. The maps, also part of FloraBase, represent specimens held at the WA Herbarium.

Author(s): Chris Hollister and Kevin Thiele

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