There are four ways to make your Lucid key available to users:

  1. Deploy your key to a web site
  2. Package your key on a CD-ROM with a Lucid Player
  3. Package your key on a CD-ROM without a Player
  4. Via the Lucid Mobile Platform (Android and iOS)

Lucid3 includes two editions of the Lucid Player, the Applet Player designed for web- or CD-deployment, and the Application Player designed for CD deployment. Licensing conditions vary depending on how you intend to deploy your key.

1. Hosting Lucid keys on the Internet

Lucid3 keys can be hosted on any Internet domain, and made available to users via the Lucid3 Applet player. If you deploy in this way, there is no need for users of your key to download an application in order to view the key. The key opens and is run within a user's normal web browser.

No licensing fees are required when deploying a key, non-commercially, to a free Internet site. If you plan to deploy your key to a subscription-only website, please contact

Note that the Lucid team offers a free key hosting service on the Lucidcentral website for non-commercial keys. For more information on free hosting, contact

2. Packaging your key with a Lucid3 Player for distribution on CD ROM

If you intend to distribute your key via CD on a commercial basis with a Lucid3 Applet or Application Player, you will first need to obtain an appropriate number of Lucid Player licences to package with the key. You cannot distribute the Lucid Player without this licence.

The cost of a Lucid Player licence is currently AUD$27.00 each for single licences, or AUD$9.50 each for bulk licences in 50-license packs. Bulk discounts on quantities greater than 500 licences are available upon application.

To purchase Lucid Player licences please contact

Users who wish to distribute their key for free (non-commercially) on CD with a Player do not need to purchase a licence, but must inform us ( with details of the key being distributed.

Note that if any costs are being recovered from the distribution of a key(s) containing a Player then this is not considered non-commercial and a licence for the Player must be obtained. This includes keys developed and distributed on contract. The cost of Lucid Player licenses should be costed into the contract price. 

If you have any further questions on distributing your key with a Lucid Player please contact

3. Packaging your key without a Lucid3 Player for distribution on CD ROM

You may wish to ship your key without a Lucid Player, in which case only recipients who already have the Lucid3 Application Player will be able to play the key. There are no restrictions on distributing your content in this way, although you should first ensure that the party to receive your key does have a current version of the Lucid3 Application Player. If they do not, they will not be able to view the key.

4. Lucid Mobile Platform

Deploying to the Lucid Mobile platform requires specialised packaging via staff at The packaging cost will depend on how large the key and associated content is and how much of the content preparation you wish to complete for the mobile format. See preparing your key for the Lucid mobile app for more information on this.

If you wish to sell your mobile app key, then a sales commission is charged. Currently both Google and Apple charge 30% commission + a Lucid licence commission. If the key is to be listed as a free app on the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes then no further costs are incurred.

Contact us to discuss your Lucid Mobile requirements. Or via

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